In order to ensure the satisfaction of our customers, we at Infibra prioritize the quality of our products, including the continuous improvement of the production process, optimizing costs and meeting the applicable requirements of the sector. All of this is on behalf of positive results and the safety of our collaborators.

We are certified by ISO 9001:2008, which guides and ensures a Quality Management System and aims at conveying confidence to the client. This is done through a series of production and management practices that consider, above all, focus on the customer, continuous improvement, process approach and others.

As part of this concern, we have Infibra’s Quality Research, which keeps our company updated with regard to the vision of our customers and suppliers and to our products.


Considering our planet’s current environmental problems, our company also devotes itself to a sustainable production process. We understand that the concept of sustainable development involves the relationship of human activity with the environment, the economy and with its own coexistence in society, its culture, among other important aspects.

One of the essential sectors for development with sustainability is the civil construction, which provides families comfort and housing, while consuming natural resources and generating wastes. This sector is also facing the challenge of producing more, attending to an ever-increasing demand, and, at the same time, preserving natural resources for future generations.

In this context, we at Infibra present the NTF technology (New Fiber Cement Technology), a new product concept with a strong ecological appeal and which cost is compatible with other elements present in any construction. It consists of low weight cement boards, 35% to 40% lighter than traditional fiber cement, that do not contain mineral nor synthetic fibers. This new product is composed essentially of common raw materials, such as cement and cellulose, and its production has low energy consumption. It can be used on facades, partitions, walls.