Reference in the segment of civil construction, with over 40 years of experience, Infibra S.A. was born in Leme, SP, Brazil. It stands out for the quality and the innovation in roofing technology, fiber cement boards and water tanks.


We are a family company recognized for its concern with the quality and the innovation of our products. We have 0-350 employees and generate more than 1,000 indirect jobs. We care for the environment and, consequently, with the production process of our products – which is clean and does not emit pollutants in the atmosphere or in the water tables.

Our trajectory has begun with the initiative of four partners: Narcissus Martin, Hamilton Of Roz, Luiz Fernando Marchi and his brother, Geraldo Marchi. The first two, with experience in the fiber cement production field and the last two, experienced potters of the city, have teamed up and founded Infibra, innovating and always creating products of high quality.

Just like in any remarkable story, our company also had its growth momentarily interrupted when, in 1972, a gale struck and destroyed part of the city of Leme, including the sheds that housed the factory’s machinery. Luckly, no one got hurt and the company’s roof sheet making machine has remained intact.

Overcoming the obstacles, Infibra has succeeded in reestablishing and rebuilding its sheds. Later on, they were restructured and built up by the building company Construtora Oliveira Neto, from Limeira, SP, remaining and being where our company is based until today.

Always growing and devoted to the quality of its products, Infibra won the shareholding control of Permatex in 1982, becoming the third largest fiber cement group in the State of Sao Paulo. Currently, Permatex is incorporated to Infibra, forming one company. The brand, however, was conserved.

The years went by, the generations have changed and renewed.  However, the concern for the quality of the products has remained and, with it, the desire for innovation. In 2001, our company acquired a new fiber cement production technology, imported from Europe. In the same year, we began partnerships with Escola Politécnica of the University of Sao Paulo (USP) and with the Faculty of Animal Science and Food Engineering – Faculdade de Zootecnia e Engenharia de Alimentos (FZEA) – in order to develop new technology (NT) fiber cement products, which remain until today.

Currently, we produce fiber cement corrugated sheets and fiber cement boards with the INFIBRA brand and water tanks, cisterns, polyethylene tanks and sheets, linings and PVC folding doors with the PERMATEX brand.